Registration Codes Form

A Product Registration Code is a 12 characters long code that you have received from you dealer after you bought a Software Module. Every Product Registration code can only be used once! After registering this the Code with a specific Serial Number you will receive a product Activation Key (this Key is bound to the product with the serial number the you provided). After entering this Key in the Sensamove Software the specified software module will work with the product with specified the serial number.

    Name (verplicht)

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    Company (verplicht)

    Serial number(000000-XXXXX-0000-XX)

    Please supply the serial number of your sensbalance product (000000-XXXXX-0000-XX)
    It is important you provide the right serial number, because the Activation Key your receive will only work with this serial number!

    Sensbalance Software v2: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    Balance, Medium: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    Balance, Hard: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    Balance, Very Hard: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    Balance, Extra: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)



    BMS 1.0: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    Farm Game: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    Flying Game: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

    OceanGame: (ABC-ABC-ABC-ABC)

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