Which operating systems are supported?

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Will Windows 10 be supported?

Yes, Windows 10 is supported.

Does the Sensbalance Software run on Apple computers?

Only by running a Windows Virtual Machine on your Apple computer or using Crossover products to run Windows applications on Mac.

How do I install the Sensbalance Software ?

You can either install the software from the CD ROM in your Product package or download the most recent version from our website. Software –>

After installing the Sensbalance Software, and connecting my Sensamove Product with the my computer, the software does not show the product name and the serial number in the Overview Screen of the Sensbalance Software. What can I do?

Please disconnect and connect your Sensamove Product again using the USB cable delivered with your product. If the problem remains, please check the connection with another USB cable to rule out bad quality of the USB cable you are using. Please connect also the connection inside the USB port of your computer. Finally, check if the USB device driver is properly installed by Windows.
(Please checkif Windows reports Serial USB Controller problems in your Configuration Manager).

If problems still remain, it is advised to re-install the Sensbalance Software with all components again from CD ROM or via download from our website.

If problems remain after above actions, please contact support@sensamove.com

How do I enter Activation Keys for specific functional modules of the Sensabalance Software?

In the Overview Screen of the Sensabalance Software, you have to select one module after the other and press the edit button. In the appearing small window you have to enter the Activation Key. If entered correctly the Software will reply that the Key is correct. Back in the Overview Screen you will see behind the specific module : “Activated” (in green)

The Sensbalance Software recognizes my product name and the serial number, but when selecting functional software modules, like e.g. Free Exercise, BMS, NMC or Games, the system replies that the Software Module is not activated. What should I do?

You need to enter the specific Activation Key for each functional module you want to use with your specific Sensamove Product. Activation Keys of all functional modules bought, are provided on paper (Word Document) with your Sensamove Product inside the product packaging.

I lost my Activation Keys. What can I do?

Please send a request for a copy of your Activation Keys to support@sensamove.com . Please mention the serial number of your product and mention which software modules you have bought from Sensamove or from your Sensamove Dealer. Please add a copy of your order or ask your Sensamove dealer for confirmation of the delivery of mentioned software modules in the past.

I have entered Activation Keys for specific software modules for a specific Sensamove product, but the keys are not accepted. What can I do?

Check if the Sensamove product with the specific serial number is connected to your computer. If this is the case, please try to enter the Activation Key again. Typos are easily made.
If the problem remains, please contact support@sensamove.com.

Will Wireless Blue Tooth functionality come available for Sensamove Products?

Yes, currently the Wireless BlueTooth connection is in development.

 Compatible with:
  • Windows
  • Windows 10
  • Apple with Windows virtual