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Biber is a german manufacturer of products to exercise arms, wrists and hands. The combination of these exercise tables with Sensamove software makes these products highly innovative. Biber products are characterized by solid german craftsmanship combined with clever and challenging exercises.







Overview of the Biber range

Biber has various tables for arm, wrist and finger training.









Armtrainer Multi (table version) : basic version for persons with limited arm functions. Also available in a desktop version that is technically identical.










Armtrainer Rail : has a counterweight to relieve affected arm. Rails can be connected in such a way that strong arm guides affected arm.









Armtrainer Side : for lateral movement. Comes with velcro to stabilize affected arm; both arms can be connected for bilateral training.










Armtrainer Wave : two rotating discs that can be connected for both arms; comes with adjustable resistance.










Armtrainer Manu : for dorsal flexion and palmar flexion of the wrists. Also available in DUO version for both arms.










Finger trainer : for sophisticated exercises with fingers.


All tables are available with four different working tables and several accessories.


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