More exercising, improved information

Sensamove is a young, dynamic and innovative company that develops and produces interactive exercise equipment. Sensamove wants to encourage exercising by making it more fun, exciting and its results readily measurable. Our mission is to make balance training more enjoyable and understandable. More fun for your client, transparent for you. We do this by adding biofeedback technology to balance products.

Sensbalance Therapy Chair

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Sensbalance Miniboard

The Sensbalance Miniboard is… Read more–>

Cervical Trainer

The Senscoordination 3D Cervical Trainer is…

Sensbalance 2D Sensor

The Sensbalance 2D Sensor Module is… Read more–>

Therapy Cushion

The Sensbalance Therapy Cushion is…


The Sensbalance Software consists of… Read more–>